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We accept samples
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To Sample Collection and Submittal

Sample Collection

Lead Paint

Use a sharp knife to cut through the edges of the sample paint. Sample size should be at least 1 square inch.

 Lift off the paint with a clean putty knife and put it into a Ziploc bag or any other suitable container. Be sure to take a sample of all layers of paint, since only the lower layers may contain lead. Do not include any of the underlying wood, plaster, metal, and brick.

Wipe the surface and any paint dust with a wet cloth or paper towel and discard the cloth or towel.


Sample Submittal

  • Place the container with the sample(s) in a suitable mailing envelope.
  • Please fill out an electronic submittal form or a printable copy of the same form that you can print out and include with your sample(s).
  • Enclose your payment (money order or a personal check) of Lead Paint - $50 for one sample or $40 for each additional sample.
  • If you prefer to pay by credit card, please follow this link for a secure online transaction.
  • Samples can be mailed in using the US. postal service, FedEx, UPS, etc. or hand delivered. Our address is:


Western Analytical Laboratory
12734 Branford St., #19
Arleta, CA 91331


  • We will notify you of the results within 2-3 days by phone, fax or e-mail and will also send you the hard copy of the report in the next one or two business days.